5 Best Themes in Shopify That Could Boost Your Conversion Rate

It isn’t hard to see why many eCommerce businesses make use of Shopify. Beyond making the process of setting up the online store easy and accessible, the platform is host to appealing Shopify web design themes that can attract and engage visitors and turn them into paying customers. Simply put, they’re able to direct and encourage users to make financial commitments. As a result, it will boost the conversion rates of the enterprise. And as we all know, the better that you’re able to convert, the more popular the website becomes. With that said, we’ll be looking into what you need to look for in a theme and the five best ones that are available now. Continue reading to learn more.

What you look out for in a Shopify web design theme

Several factors can make or break a website when it comes to getting inbound traffic and engaging users. One of these is speed. The longer it takes to load on your preferred browser, the more likely you are to lose out on potential customers. It is for this reason that you must ensure that the chosen theme doesn’t slow everything down to a crawl or you’ll miss out on the opportunity to convert visitors. You’ll also need to consider the overall aesthetic design of the site. If it’s as eye-catching as it is functional, it will allow you to keep people browsing through its web pages long enough to encourage purchases for your goods. Remember that you need to instill trust and confidence with consumers. And having a good impression through your website can go a long way in making that happen.

  1. Booster Theme

If you want your internet store to load fast, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than Booster Theme. However, speed isn’t the only advantage in the use of this theme – it offers many other functionalities to give eCommerce enterprises an excellent degree of freedom when it comes to design without marring the experience with complexities to make it more accessible to those who may not necessarily be technically savvy. With its exceptional performance and a remarkable level of accessibility and customization, this is a theme that everyone should consider. 

  1. Luce 

Many users prefer the minimalist approach to design. For starters, they reduce any potential distractions on the web page and allow an audience to highlight specific areas. They’re also lighter on coding, which means that the website will load much quicker than it would have otherwise and improve the overall user experience. And if you’re looking for a theme that takes the same approach, Luce might be the one for you. Apart from helping you build a clean and streamlined design for your site, it also offers several features, such as the creation of unique headers and the ability to handle customers internationally by converting the prices of your offerings into currency.

  1. Polaris 

Another popular theme with a similar design philosophy to the abovementioned Luce is Polaris. Beyond the minimalist style, this theme boasts a filtering system for the offerings of an eCommerce business. Additionally, those who are interested in building strong relationships with their target audience will be able to take advantage of its newsletter popup feature to help users subscribe to their mailing lists. And with its review feature, you can encourage your satisfied customers to leave their feedback and improve your conversions in the process.

  1. Jumpstart

If you’re on a budget, you may want to give Jumpstart a shot. After all, not only does it offer excellent features like the slideshow which presents brands with the opportunity to showcase its offerings and stories. But it’s free too. What this means is that you don’t need to pay to start ranking on popular search engines like Google, ensure the website works across all devices, or benefit from a wide selection of stock images.

  1. Retailer 

Last but certainly not the least is Retailer, an excellent theme for reaching high conversions. While this Shopify web design theme is primarily used by those who are in the fashion business, it can also work in other niches. With four available styles to select, the ability to display different currencies, and a comprehensive menu creator to make navigation easy for the users, the Retailer theme can give your website a lot of value and improve your image, allowing you to reach your target customers easier.


A few eCommerce platforms are as widely used as Shopify. When you get right down to it, not only is it a convenient way to start doing business online. But with the sheer number of web design themes available on the World Wide Web, there will always be something for every brand to use. While the themes mentioned above stand out from others, don’t be afraid to explore other alternatives. If you keep your eyes open, you may find exactly what your eCommerce business needs.